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W.A.D.E. Freedom House Inc. is a recovery home for women located in Jacksonville, Alabama providing services for up to 37 women.  W.A.D.E. Freedom House started in 2005 and  functions in the community as a place for females to recover from drug and alcohol addiction and find a new way to live.  The program is designed to provide a safe, supportive living environment conducive to the spiritual and emotional growth vital to recovery.  We provide services to any woman with a desire to change their life. 


Most women that are admitted into the facility are homeless, unemployed, vicitims of abuse, substance abusers and/ or convicted felons. Each woman that lives here has the same opportunity to find gainful employment, get a G.E.D. or further their high school education, receive counseling, learn how to work a twelve step program and regain their self esteem to overcome their past. Seventy-five percent of the women who come to W.A.D.E. have children.  When a woman comes to the house who has lost custody of her children, with time, she may earn the opportunity to regain custody or be reunited with her family.


OUR MISSION is to provide a healthy, safe living environment for women in recovery who wish to live a new way of life.

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